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Haven’t you been to Navagio beach yet?

Here in Zakynthos island, Navagio beach, also known as the shipwreck beach, is one of those places that a tourist on vacation cannot miss to visit. In Zakynthos, the shipwreck beach is in a truly majestic bay and Navagio beach deserves to be visited both from the viewpoint and with a boat tour.

Although Navagio is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, you should know that Zakynthos is also famous for the Caretta-Caretta turtles and for all its enchanting beaches.

Are you planning a holiday in Zakynthos? Now we will tell you everything you need to know about  Navagio shipwreck beach!

Navagio Beach: why is it called shipwreck beach?


The West coast of island of Zakynthos is wild and rugged, mostly accessible only from the sea with a boat trip.

The high limestone cliffs hide a stunning natural environment with beautiful creeks, secret caves impressive bays, hidden coves and deserted beaches.

Navagio shipwreck beach in Zakynthos is a relatively recent attraction, you know?

Today the inhabitants of the north of Zakynthos island organize several boat trips every day from Porto Vromi to reach Navagio beach, but until the 1980s the shipwreck beach did not exist.

Few people know it, but what everyone knows today as Navagio shipwreck beach was just one of the many impressive, remote and unexplored bays of the West coast of Zakynthos island and the beach was very small!

It was the ship aground that allowed the formation of the deep beach that you can admire today.

The beach gradually got bigger and the ship got rusty over time and took on the charm of an old wreck. Here is Navagio, the famous shipwreck beach in Zakynthos!

We can really say that every cloud has a silver lining.

Zakynthos: Navagio Shipwreck beach history



Here in Zakynthos island we have listened so many stories about Navagio shipwreck bay, Many stories about how the shipwreck beach was created, which today is a top tourist destination for beautiful boat trips.

Some stories about Navagio are fake, some became legends, some others can be true.

About Navagio shipwreck beach there are also love stories and ghost stories but Wikipedia is never wrong in fact we have had confirmation from numerous people living in the Navagio beach surroundings that the smugglers’ thesis is absolutely confirmed.

It was the year 1980 and on Zakynthos island and life was slow and peaceful, marked by the usual laziness of locals.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, a group of idlers who smoked just like Turks thought of entering the cigarette business by selling them contraband.

The Turks sailed from the Bosphorus aboard their ship called Panagiotis but had not reckoned with the Greek coast guard.

The details will always remain a mystery, the fact is that the Turkish smugglers, really nerds, hid inside this huge inlet (Navagio bay) to escape the port police.

At the time, here in Zakynthos it was known as the bay of Saint George, due to the monastery of the same name near the cliff.

It was October 5, 1980, it was night and it was pitch black. The dumb Turkish did not realize that going too far below the coast the seabed was too shallow for their ship.

The Panagiotis ship then ran aground, the Turks went into hiding and the following morning the inhabitants of Porto Vromi in Zakynthos went to the wreck beach to fish for hundreds of cartons of cigarettes that had leaked from the hull.

The sea and the patience of the God Kronos did the rest

The sea near Navagio bay, thanks to the ship stranded on the shoal, created an undertow that slowly brought sand and white pebbles around the wreck.

While the inhabitants of Zakynthos continued to fool around smoking Turkish cigarettes, not far from Porto Vromi, the famous wreck beach was created, now known as Navagio beach or shipwreck beach.

Where is located the shipwreck beach of navagio in zakynthos?



Navagio shipwreck beach is located along the beautiful and wild west coast of Zakynthos island.
What makes the entire western coast of Zakynthos unique in the Mediterranean sea are the white limestone cliffs that reach up to 200 meters high.

They are really high cliffs and this coast of Zakynthos island can be visited only by boat trip or with private boat tours.

Such a unique and particular coast is characterized by lonely beaches, and deserted coves that are the perfect destination for private or group boat excursions.

 As it is placed in the northwestern part of Zakynthos island, Navagio shipwrech beach is ideally located for organizing an boat trip that includes a visit to the famous Blu caves on the same day.

You can visit both places whether you decide to reach Navagio beach on a boat tour, or if you prefer to see the shipwreck beach from the viewpoint at the top of the cliff.

Navagio: how to get to the shipwreck beach ?

navagio shipreck beach

How to get to navagio beach by car

In Zakynthos, the shipwreck beach can only be reached by sea with a boat tour, however you can reach the Navagio viewpoint very easy by car.

To reach the viewpoint above Navagio bay and enjoy a breathtaking view of the shipwreck beach you have to set the Google Maps navigator to the mountain village of Volimes or Anafonitria.

Volimes and Anafonitria are two small mountain villages in the northern part of Zakynthos island and are also an interesting tourist place due to many local artisans who sell artisanal honey, embroidered tablecloths, olive wood carving products.

How to get to navagio beach by boat tour

Visiting the Navagio bay with a boat trip and reach the shipwreck beach from the sea is a fantastic experience that we recommend to all those who come to Zakynthos island for a holiday.

A boat trip to Navagio shipwreck beach can be done in 3 ways.
Now we will explain you how to get to Navagio beach by sea.


navagio agios nikolaos

Agios Nikolaos is the small fishing port located in the north- east coast in Zakynthos island.

It is located about 30 kilometers from Zakynthos town and is also the starting point for the small ferries that take you to the nearby island of Kefalonia.

You can get to Agios Nikolaos very easy by car or motorbike and nearby you can find some of the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos such as Makris Gialos beach and Xigia beach.

Planning a boat trip to Navagio beach starting from Agios Nikolaos allows you to combine both the shipwreck beach and the beautiful Blue Caves in one boat tour.

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Zakynthos porto Vromi

Porto Vromi is the closest geographical point to Navagio shipwreck beach.

Porto Vromi is one of the very few places along the west coast of Zakynthos island that can be reached by car and whose road is paved down to the sea.

There are tw0 different roads that reach Porto Vromi, one that starts from the village of Anafonitria and one that starts from the village of Maries.

Be careful to take the one of your interest as down in Porto Vromi they are not connected to each other, but lead to 2 marinas that remain separated by the sea.

Every day, at regular intervals, both boat trips and taxi boats leave from Porto Vromi to the nearby Navagio bay, which is just a few minutes away from here.

The road down to Porto Vromi is quite steep and there are no other beaches or places for swimming in the surrounding area.

Porto Vromi, however, remains a beautiful natural location with a crystal clear sea, with 2 small beaches and a snack bar.


Navagio Experiences

The port of Zakynthos town, also known as Zante town, is the main port on the island, from which the ferries that connect Zakynthos to the Peloponnese coast and to the port of Killini also depart.

Booking an excursion to Navagio bay starting from Zakynthos town also means starting from the port farthest from the shipwreck beach.

For this reason you must consider to get on boats with a capacity that between 200 and 300 seats and which make two types of excursion:

The tour of the whole island or the tour of half the island.

The ships that make the entire tour of Zakynthos island takes about 8 hours and together with Navagio shipwreck beach they make other3 or 4 stops, depending on the weather conditions.

The boat departing from Zakynthos town that make the tour of half the island, generally propose a half-day cruise and plan a couple of stops in addition to Navagio shipwreck beach.

How to get to navagio beach by private boat tour

If you have the pleasure and the opportunity to spend a few euros more, booking a private boat tour here in Zakynthos will be a unique and absolutely unforgettable experience.

The private tours that you can choose here in Zakynthos are many and of different types.
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For a private tour to Navagio beach, you can choose a fast boat tour that will take you around the whole island of Zakynthos or just a part of it.

You can book a private boat tour that from Porto Vromi allows you to visit the shipwreck beach and that also takes you to some deserted bay along the same coast.

You can also choose a private boat trip that starting from Agios Nikolaos port allows you to visit the blue caves of Zakynthos, the beach of Navagio and the mysterious secluded bay of Saint Andreas.

Remember that what makes a private boat tour here in Zakynthos unique and special is the possibility to shape and customize your boat trip as you like.

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How to get to Navagio beach by renting a small boat

If you go to Porto Vromi there is also the possibility of renting a boat that you can drive by your own without having a boat license.

Personally, we do not recommend this experience if you are not familiar with the sea, as along this coast, if Mistral rises, you could find yourself seriously uncomfortable.

Renting a boat to drive yourself is an experience that we recommend in the south, in the marine turtle park, where the sea is always calm and sheltered.

Navagio: How to get to the viewpoint of the shipwreck beach


Coming on holiday to Zakynthos island and visiting the shipwreck beach with a boat trip or from the viewpoint at the top of the cliff, are two totally different experiences and both beautiful.

There are 2 best hours to get to the viewpoint above Navagio bay, around noon or at sunset.

At lunchtime the sun really hurts (bring a hat and something to drink) but just perpendicular to the sea and the shipwreck beach will give you stunning colors for your Instagram posts.

There is a little secret …if you are an adventure lover and do not suffer from vertigo, there is a narrow path that is not indicated by any sign and that takes you to a really crazy spot.

From the small panoramic iron balcony that protrudes above the wreck beach, you can follow this narrow path that throught the nature will take you to reach a point on the cliff from which you have an incredible view of Navagio beach and a small deserted cove.

We post the secret map below!

navagio mappa panoramica 

At sunset time, bring with you a bottle of chilled white wine and two glasses.

The viewpoint above the shipwreck beach and the whole Navagio bay is in a very isolated place, so when the sun goes down you don’t risk to find crowds and the colors of the sky are unique.

The best choice for us is to book a boat trip to Navagio, then in the evening reach by car the viewpoint to admire the shipwreck beach with the sunset and then end the day in a mountain traditional Greek restaurant in the nearby village of Volimes.

It will be your best day in Zakynthos!

We are waiting for you here in Zakynthos island!

The YOTOMU team