Zakynthos In 6 Days – What to do?

We explain you everything about what to in Zakytnhos in 6 Days!

What to do in Zakynthos when we are there on vacation?

How many days should I spend in Zakynthos in 6 days?

Where is the best nightlife in Zakynthos in 6 days?

What to do in Zakynthos is really simple, you have to visit it all because our island reserves hidden surprises and natural wonders at every corner.

How many days it takes to visit Zakynthos depends on what kind of holiday you like. Do you prefer a relaxing holiday or you like to run to visit as many places as possible?

What to do in Zakynthos in 6 days is what we try to suggest in this blog considering that the average tourist who comes here generally has only one week vacation.

Are you ready to know what to do in Zakynthos in 6 days?


  • Day 1. Navagio, blue caves and Skinari cape
  • Day 2. Vasilikos and Dafni beach
  • Day 3. Marine park of Zakynthos turtles
  • Day 4. Alykes, Xigia beach and Makris Gialos
  • Day 5. Porto Limnionas, Porto Roxa and Kampi
  • Day 6. Private tours + nightlife in Zakynthos

What to do in Zakynthos in 6 days?

Day 1 – Navagio, blue caves and Skinari cape


Zakynthos in 6 days

If you ask what to do in Zakynthos, we advise you to start immediately with the top destination. Here in Zakynthos a boat otur to Navagio shipwreck beach is a must and we suggest you plan a whole day to discover the northern part of Zakynthos island.

What does this itinerary in Zakynthos include?

You will take a boat tour to Navagio shipwreck beach, you will visit the blue caves of Zakynthos by the sea and by land. After that, we will suggest a beautiful drive that will make you discover Skinari area and will take you to Volimes mountain village and to Navagio viewpoint above shipwreck beach.

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The first thing we enjoy is the boat trip to Navagio shipwreck beach.

The secret that no one tells you is that the best time to have boat tours to Navagio beach is in the early morning, because the chances of a calm sea are much higher.

Our suggestion is to take a boat tour that takes you to visit both the blue caves and Navagio bay. The best choice is to start from Agios Nikolaos port on the North-Eastern coast of Zakynthos.

If you want something special you can have a private cruise. You can have a look just CLICK HERE.

In case you are a large group of friends for a personalized private tour CLICK HERE.

Instead, if you prefer a really nice and cheap standard experience, you can find it by CLICKING HERE.

YOTOMU is a platform managed by locals and by purchasing tickets on YOTOMU site you have always guarantee with the cheapest price directly from the tour owner, free cancellation, you have assistance in your language and you skip the queue with digital ticket on your smartphone.

Capo Skinari is the area where the blue caves are located and also represents the last part of Zakynthos island overlooking the nearby Kefalonia.

Returning from the boat tour to Navagio shipwreck beach, you can stop for a swim here in Agios Nikolaos or choose one of local Greek restaurant near the harbour for lunch.

From Agios Nikolaos if you proceed North by car, till the lighthouse of Skinari cape, you will reach the windmills and you will find the staircase that goes down to the sea.

You will be right in the center of the blue caves (blue caves) area.

From c ape Skinari and the blue caves of Zakynthos you can take a panoramic road through olive trees and countryside landscapes. You will then reach the mountain village of Volimes.

At the Volimes village we recommend a stop if you want to visit local artisans. Here you will find the best spices and honey in Zakynthos.

From Volimes you can reach the viewpoint above Navagio beach in about 20 minutes.
It is an isolated and beautiful place and coming here at sunset you’ll have a magic atmosphere and you can shoot stunning pics.

For dinner you can visit the traditional KAMINAKI RESTAURANT if you like meat.

If you prefer to go back to Agios Nikolaos coast and like to eat fish in a very cool location, the right place for you is the ORIZONDES RESTAURANT.

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Day 2 – Vasilikos e Dafni beach


Zakynthos in 6 days

What to do in Zakynthos in the southern part?

If you love long sandy beaches, the southern area of the Zakynthos island is the perfect place for you.

The second itinerary in Zakynthos is in the part of the island that from Porto Kaminia (just few minutes south from Argassi tourist village) goes untill the southern point with Gerakas turtle beach.

In this part of the coast you will find the most beautiful sandy beaches of Zakynthos.

You are spoiled for choice and perhaps a whole day will not be enough. You can choose between the intimate Porto Kaminia or the very popular Porto Azzurro. You can cross the pine forest that leads to Banana beach or look for beach parties of the beautiful Saint Nicholas.

Only one thing is for sure, you should definitely take a trip here in Zakynthos to Gerakas turtle beach.
Gerakas beach is the southernmost strip of sand, included in the national marine park of Zakynthos and closed during the night to protect the nesting of caretta-caretta turtles during the hatching period.

The last stop on this itinerary in Zakynthos is the beautiful Dafni beach.

It is a very beautiful sandy beach, with a very warm sea and the secluded Pelouzo islet. We are in the heart of the national marine park and also on Dafni beach Caretta-Caretta turtles come to lay their eggs.

Sailing around Pelouzo is prohibited due to the  marine park area.
There is only one private boat tour that can take you on the deserted island of Paoluzo. You can see this boat tour by CLICKING HERE.

When we come to Dafni beach we always choose to eat fresh fish at ANTONIS RESTAURANT. A wonderful location, by the sea, perfect even if you have children.

If you don’t go to Dafni beach and stay in the coastal area of Vasilikos, a truly exceptional farmer’s restaurant is TAVERNA LITHIES.

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Day 3 – Zakynthos turtles marine park


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Where can I see turtles in Zakynthos?

Where can you swim with turtles in Zakynthos?

Here in Zakynthos, you can see Caretta-Caretta turtles all around Zakynthos national marine park, near Laganas beach, in front of Kalamaki beach and in the sea area between Marathonissi turtle island and the Keri caves.

The best way to see the turtles in Zakynthos is to rent a small boat and visit the marine park by your own.

This is an amazing experience that everybody can do and going around the marine park of Zakynthos independently for a whole day will be a unique experience.

Who will give you the boat for rent will explain how to see the turtles of Zakynthos up close, how to visit Marathonissi, the island of turtles, how to reach deserted beaches and how to visit the beautiful Keri caves (Keri caves) by boat.

If you prefer to visit Zakynthos marine park with a boat tour that is beautiful, with the guarantee of seeing the turtles up close and that it is cheap, the best choice is the YOTOMU platform.

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On YOTOMU, avoid agencies and book directly from tour owners at the cheapest guaranteed price, you have assistance in your language, with the digital ticket you can skip all the queues and above all you have free cancellation.

If you choose for organized boat tour to the marine park, you will have a memorable day.

You will see the Caretta-Caretta turtles up close, relax and swim in the clear sea of Marathonissi turtle island and you’ll be amazed by visiting the Keri caves and the Mizithres, the white rocks of Zakynthos.

Then? How can we spend our Zakynthos night?

If in the evening you are in the Limni Keri area you can go up to the lighthouse for a romantic sunset and go to our friends Yanis and Andrea who cook local pork on athe spit.

You can see their traditional restaurant BY CLICKING HERE.

Instead, if you are in the Laganas area for dinner, we suggest a truly unique place here on Zakynthos island, amazing for those who love sushi and cocktails.

You can see it CLICKING HERE.

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Day 4 – Alykes, Xigia beach & Makris Gialos


Zakynthos in 6 days

What to do in Zakynthos on your fourth day?

This itinerary will reserve you a day that is more relaxing but with exciting surprises.

We show you the central part of the east coast of Zakynthos.

After 3 days really full, today we suggest an easy area, where beautiful places are one next to the other in few kilometers.

You can start the day on the sandy beach of Alykes or the nearby Alykanas each.

If you want a little tip, just behind the promontory of Alykanas, you can find the small beach of Old Alykanas, unknown to tourists and where you can often swim with a turtle that lives here.

Proceeding by car to the north you will find a beach that you absolutely must see during your holiday in Zakynthos, Xigia beach.

Xigia beach is unique here in Zakynthos because it has a small cave from which natural sulfur comes out.

The sulphurous waters of Xigia beach will leave your skin smooth as silk.

A small secret that no one tells you is that just before Xigia beach there is a dream place that some tourists have baptized little Xigia, locals know it with the name of Pelagaki.

If you go down to Pelagaki beach you should know that on the right, after the rocks, there are 2 other small hidden coves where you can escape from the crowds even in the middle of August.

Remember to keep a couple of hours also for the beautiful Makris Gialos beach, just north of Xigia beach.Makris Gialos is a long white pebble beach with a truly crystal clear sea.

Where to eat in Zakynthos in this area?

If you want to stop for lunch in Makris Gialos we suggest PILARINOS GREEK TAVERNA, with a beautiful view over Makris Gialos beach.

Have a look by CLICKING HERE.

If you want to stay close to Xigia beach for lunch, you should definitely choose TAVERNA XIGIA.

We come here to eat fish, but everything is really good and the location is truly amazing.

You can see taverna Xigia by CLICKING HERE.

Let’s continue our Journey of Zakynthos in 6 Days , From day 4 to day 5

Day 5 – Porto Limnionas, Porto Roxa & Kampi


Zakynthos in 6 days


What to do on the west coast of Zakynthos?

Porto Limnionas, Porto Roxa, and Kampi are three enchanting locations and are among the very few places on the west coast that can be easily reached by car.

During this itinerary, you will spend several hours by car, but you will cross picturesque landscapes and you’ll swim in a turquoise sea.

You must reach the country village of Agios Leon, famous for its traditional black bread from Zakynthos, made with sourdough and rye flour.

From Agios Leon you can get off at Porto Limnionas or take the road that leads to Porto Roxa.

Basically it is the same thing because we will visit both places and they are then connected to each other by a coastal road.

Porto Limnionas and Porto Roxa are two inlets, without a beach but with fairly easy access to the sea, with crystal clear waters and unique colors.

The bay of Porto Limnionas is much bigger and there is only one traditional Greek restaurant where you can eat very well, the TAVERNA PORTO LIMNIONAS.

Porto Roxa is a smaller and more intimate bay, also with a wonderful sea and with a natural rocky springboard where you can dive into the sea.

Here in Porto Roxa there are several restaurants, we always choose TAVERNA IONION both for the delicious meat dishes cooked in a wood fire oven, and for the flying beds with a great sea view.

When you come here in Porto Limnionas and Porto Roxa don’t forget your mask and fins if you have them with you in Zakynthos.

If you want to drive a few more kilometers, our advice is to reach Kampi area for sunset time.

Kampi is a tiny mountain village on the west coast of Zakynthos, famous for its giant cross in memory of the war dead.

The cross is on a cliff overlooking the sea and here you will also find a panoramic tavern. The view of the sea below and the sunset are something incredible.

There is the possibility for a stunning private boat trip along the west coast of Zakynthos.
 A private tour for maximum 6 persons with a captain that will take you to discover the west coast from Zakynthos marine park in the south till Navagio bay.

You will pass in remote and unique places and you will swim in beautiful secluded coves.

You can book this boat tour by CLICKING HERE.

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Day 6– Private boat tour + Zakynthos nighlife


Zakynthos in 6 days

If, like most tourists, you come here for one week holiday in Zakynthos, this is the last full day you have to visit the island.


Do you want to have a memorable experience? 

A private tour in Zakynthos is something you will never forget.

Imagine a boat just for you, with a captain who takes you to the most remote places of Zakynthos, to the most hidden coves and to the most beautiful deserted beaches.

We have the opportunity and the experience to create for you a personalized tour in every area of Zakynthos island.

Whether you are a couple or a large group of friends, we can help you to live an unforgettable experience along the turtles marine park or the west coast of Zakynthos.

We’ll take you to discover hidden places or to sail around the entire island in a luxury way.

You can see all the tours in Zakynthos by CLICKING HERE.

And what about nightlife in Zakynthos in 6 days?


It’s your last night in Zakynthos. Do you want to go party or are you looking for a romantic night?

Nightlife in Zakynthos if you are between 18 and 23 years old, let’s go party in the nightlife of Laganas. Among pubs, discos and drunk people who roll around, you will anything you’re looking for.

Nightlife in Zakynthos in 6 Days

If you are looking for nightlife, but you want something cool and less extreme, go to the nightclubs (they are all lined up) located on the road that connects Zakynthos town to Argassi.

Nightlife in Zakynthos in 6 Days

If you want something romantic there are two choices.

You can stay in Zakynthos town, with its bars on the seafront and take a stroll to the large D. Solomos square and the small square of San Marco.

Or we suggest you to go up to Bochali. A beautiful place above the city where in the past was located the Venetian fortress.

Today Bochali consists on few houses and a some small panoramic cafe bars with a wonderful view over the city and the port of Zakynthos.

We are waiting for you here form unforgettable Zakynthos in 6 days experiences!

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