Zakynthos turtle island. We answer all your questions!

Here on Zakynthos Turtle island, the loggerhead turtles (to which the National Marine Park of Zakynthos was also dedicated) represent a natural attraction that leaves adults and children enchanted every summer.

When you come here for vacation, your first question is always “where are the turtles in Zakynthos?”
Every summer we receive hundreds of request about the loggerhead turtles in Zakynthos island.

We’ll try now to answer to the main requests from the most popular.

 Where are the turtles Caretta Caretta in Zakynthos Turtle Island?


Zakynthos turtle islandIn Zakynthos you can see Loggerhead turtles throughout the Zakynthos National Marine Park, in Laganas bay and near Marathonissi island.

Let’s explain

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos is the home of caretta-caretta loggerhead turtles, both adult and baby turtles that can be admired during the hatching period.

You can see the map of National Marine Park of Zakynthos BY CLICKING HERE.

On Zakynthos island you can see the adult Caretta-Caretta turtles up close while they swim in the sea and, in the right period, you can see the turtle eggs hatch.

To see turtles up close in Zakynthos swimming in the sea there are 3 guaranteed methods. Now we tell you all the secrets.

1 Zakynthos – boat trip to the turtles marine park

Zakynthos turtle islandHere on Zakynthos island, a boat trip to the National Marine Park is the most easy and exciting way to see the Caretta-Caretta turtles up close, in their natural environment.

The turtle boat trip will allow you to admire the turtles near Laganas beach, and then take you to discover the island of Marathonissi, the famous Keri caves and the rest of the beautiful National Marine Park of Zakynthos.

Among so many organized turtles tour in Zakynthos to see the caretta-caretta loggerhead turtles, we will explain you why booking throught YOTOMU platform is the right choice.

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2 Zakynthos – Private tour to turtles marine park


Zakynthos turtle islandWhat makes a private boat tour here in Zakynthos truly unique and special is the possibility to fully customize it.

If you have the pleasure and the opportunity to spend a few more euros, booking a private boat tour to admire the Caretta-Caretta turtles will surely be an unforgettable experience.

In Zakynthos we have many types of private tours, which can satisfy all budgets.

What makes unique private boat tours is that you have the boat all to yourself, with the captain who will be at your complete disposal.

You will see the loggerhead turtles up close, you will visit the most beautiful spots of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos and in addition you will see spectacular places such as caves and lonely beaches.

The good point of a private boat tour is that it’s up to you to decide how long to stay in a place rather than another.

Whether you are a couple or a large group of friends, you can always find the perfect private tour.
Wish to look at some examples?

3 Zakynthos Turtle Island – Rent a boat to see caretta caretta turtles


Zakynthos turtle islandHere in Zakynthos Turtle Island you have the opportunity to see up close the Caretta-Caretta turtles also by renting a small boat for the whole day.

In Zakynthos Turtle Island you can rent a boat without needing a boat license.

Our suggestion is to rent a boat in Zakynthos island for the whole day. From the loggerhead turtles to the island of Marathonissi, from the Keri caves to some lonely beaches, there are certainly many things to see!

Renting a boat is a wonderful experience at any age, everybody can do it without any problem and it is an experience that you can always enjoy in total safety and comfort.

Now we give you all the information you need to rent a boat without a license in Zakynthos island and see the turtles in the national marine park.

Where To RENT Boats in Zakynthos?

The best places to rent boats you can drive by your own in Zakynthos are definitely Laganas and Limni Keri.

Those mentioned above are the 2 most strategic starting points for renting a small boat and discovering the natural beauties of the marine park of Zakynthos.

Starting from Laganas is slightly more convenient for seeing turtles, while starting from Limni Keri is more convenient for visiting Marathonissi turtle island and the beautiful Keri caves.

In both cases, differences are very few as the small distances to be covered by boat in less than 10 minutes.

Where To Go by boat in Zakynthos?

If you rent a boat in Zakynthos Turtle Island you cannot miss Laganas bay with its turtles, the Marathonissi turtle island and the Keri caves.

Visiting the bay of Laganas with a boat for hire will allow you to get close to the beautiful Caretta-Caretta turtles and to dedicate as much time as you want to this exciting experience.

You will sail around Marathonissi Zakytnhos turtle island. It is a small uninhabited island located right between Laganas and Limni Keri.

When you go to Zakynthos turtle island (Marathonissi island) you must absolutely enjoy the sandy beach, visit the sea cave on the opposite side of Marathonisi and then the white pebble beach.

You can explore the caves of Keri and cape Marathià (also known as Keri caves) and, with your boat for hire, you will reach those small deserted beaches of Zakynthos which are truly amazing.

Finally, we give you some wonderful news.

The southern part of Zakynthos island, where is located the national marine park and the caretta caretta turtles, is where the sea is almost always calm.

The south coast is sheltered and renting a boat in Zakynthos becomes an easy and affordable experience for everyone, even if you are not familiar with driving a boat and sailing around.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Boat in Zakynthos?

The price for renting a boat in Zakynthos starts from 27 euros per person up to 40 euros for the whole day.

This price is about for a boat taken by 4 people for the whole day with a 25-30 horsepower engine. The boats here in Zakynthos can always be rented without a boat license.

The best advice is to rent a boat in Zakynthos for the whole day.

Renting a small boat and moving free within the marine park of Zakynthos is a truly unforgettable experience.

The prices for renting a boat in Zakynthos that you can drive by your own without a boat license depends on how many you are and the power of the engine.

If you have the opportunity to spend a bit more for a higher power boat, you will move faster from one place to another.

We do not recommend renting a boat that has less than 25 horsepower.

You would find yourself navigating very slowly to save a few euros and you will waste a lot of time moving around the marine park.

The hatching of turtle eggs in Zakynthos – The little turtles that reach the sea.

Zakynthos turtle islandTogether with the adult caretta-caretta turtles that you can admire in their natural environment, while swimming in the sea, it will be equally exciting to see the newborn baby turtles in Zakynthos.

Attending this unique event, Zakynthos Turtle Island and being able to see the turtle egg hatching up close in Zakynthos is a unique privilege and will be an unforgettable memory of your vacation.

To see the turtle eggs hatch you have to be lucky because you need to be in the right place at the right time, but with some little secrets we will try to help you in this challenge.

When do turtle eggs hatch in Zakynthos Turtle Island?

The hatching of the Caretta caretta turtle eggs in Zakynthos Turtle Island takes place in July and August.

Being able to witness the hatching of turtle eggs is a very rare event as it almost always happens at night and because you must be lucky enough to find yourself near a brood just when the small caretta caretta turtles break the shell of the eggs and fight for reach the sea.

A little secret is to go to certain beaches of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos at the first light of the day, when the sun is about to rise and when the volunteers of the Zakynthos national marine park take a check of the hatching of turtle eggs that took place in the night.

This is the moment if you are enough lucky there is still the hatching of some turtle brood and you will be able to admire this natural miracle.

Where to see turtle hatching in Zakynthos?

In Zakynthos Turtle Island, turtle eggs hatch mainly on 3 beaches. You can witness this incredible natural event at Gerakas protected beach, Dafni beach and along Kalamaki beach.

The long beach of Gerakas, at the southern point of Zakynthos island, is the place that has the largest number of nesting points of the Caretta caretta turtles.

If you want to live the experience of seeing the turtle eggs hatch in Zakynthos, the advice is to try coming to Gerakas beach just before the sun rises.

Here you will find the office of the marine park of Zakynthos and the volunteers of the park.

You can ask them for the opportunity to go down the beach and if you have a bit of luck you will witness something unforgettable.

— VERY IMPORTANT — Zakynthos Turtle Island

Always remember that if you were to witness the turtle eggs hatching here in Zakynthos, you will not have to touch the newborn turtles for any reason.

You would only risk frightening and disorienting them. Reaching the sea for a small newborn loggerhead turtle is a difficult process but part of its nature.

Let us always remember to admire the turtles in Zakynthos Turtle Island but to respect them and respect their integration into the natural environment.

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The YOTOMU team from Zakynthos Turtle Island